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Her Daring Gambit Her Daring Gambit Epub ↠ Her Daring PDF or daring mobile, gambit free, Her Daring pdf, Her Daring GambitHer Daring Gambit PDF Roma Burrows and her friend Rebecca Cronk own and run a bookstore together, but Rebecca has always been too wild, too Her Daring PDF or bold, too improper for books When she inherits a great deal of money, she means to leave the store and go travelling, abandoning Roma Roma will not take a loan, so the friends devise a bet If Roma will kiss Casper Bates at a party, in front of everybody, Rebecca will give her two hundred pounds Roma is shocked, appalled, offended and she agrees Casper Bates has recently come into a tidy sum He means to go to America and make it even tidier He invites a woman named Miss Burrows to his party, mostly just to fill up the numbers, but then the strangest thing happens Without a word, she walks straight to him and kisses him He immediately kisses her back He has never met such a brave, beautiful, intelligent woman How can he go to America now Lust has captivated both of them Their behavior will challenge late Victorian ideals, but they are not concerned with that They are concerned only with the perfect moment of pleasure For a limited time only enjoyregency romances for the price of one.

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