Tack & Jibe

Raised on a small island in North Carolina s Outer Banks, Willa has a picture perfect nautical life hanging out at the beach with her friends, living in a cozy seaside cottage, working at a sailing store, and running a hugely popular sailing Instagram It s so convincing that her overzealous online


For years, we never looked at each other like that nBut in a single night, everything changed n n nSome days, he s my worst enemy Other days he s my best friend n nEvery day, of course, Adam Maxwell is my cocky prick of a boss, and for the past five years, we ve been the official power duo at Eng

Aiming High

What they want most may be the one thing out of their reach n nCanadian rock climber Spencer Woolery has been training for the Olympics since before climbing was an Olympic sport Dedication, determination, and strict adherence to a rigorous training regimen have gotten him to the summer games, but a


Every action has a consequence, and Claire Ward knows it And yet, even knowing that her decision to swap places with her identical twin sister, Lia, for a night could be disastrous, she still does it n nWhy n nBecause it will give her an evening with the man she s been crushing on for years, Lia s

Hard to Handle

New York Times bestselling author K Bromberg is back with an all new second chance, standalone hockey romance n nAt first, the request seemed simple sign a new athlete to the agency n nThen I found out the new athlete was none other than the most wanted man in hockey today Hunter Maddox n nGifted Se